Thursday, July 31, 2008

"There are no shortcuts to any place worth going."

I've decided.... anyone over age 20, especially 30, who is within their normal healthy weight range (BMI-Body Mass Index) make a conscience choice(s) to either maintain or lose weight. The percentage of people who can eat what they want & never gain weight is 1 %. So, I am putting it to the test... What am I going to do to everyday to consciously improve my overall health & shed about ten pounds. Yes, I am currently within my healthy weight range. My BMI is 21.8. My goal is to lower my BMI between 19.5-20. Notice this is a range. As women we should allow ourselves about a 3 lb variance. Focus on a range vs. a specific number. A healthy BMI is between 18.5-24.9. I check mine at

Would you guess that losing just 10 lbs can cut any risk I might have of many diseases, anywhere from 25%-50%! Extra body fat affects horomones, organs, posture & on & on. And those who know me personally, know I am all about posture!!!

My 'conscience choosing' has been in place for a while; but will now kick into High Gear!

Some days are better than others... granted. I only do it safely, without lotions and potions. Only the way Mother Nature intended it to be... slow & steady wins the race. You are welcome to join me! Ask me questions... Or would you like some encouragement? I believe in the buddy system. The success rate jumps dramatically when you have support. Two months can seem like forever away; but think back to what you were doing two months ago. Not so long ago when you really think about it! It doesn't seem so quite overwhelming. One day at a time... one step at a time... that's it.

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