Sunday, August 24, 2008

Today for me...

I came home from church today and had lunch. At "dinner" time I did not feel "empty" or hungry. So... I didn't eat. My body apparently had not used the calories I had consumed thus far for the day.  But then... my 12- yr old daughter made chocolate chip cookies.  After eating one the temptation to eat another was still lingering... so I went for a walk.  Kevin was nice enough to go along with me.  2 1/2 hrs later we were back.  That was a long Sunday evening stroll and I talked his ear off.  We weren't able to have our date night this weekend because of some church obligations for both of us on Friday and Saturday; so I was happy to have him to all to myself. I will go to bed feeling lighter and wake up feeling even better!  

Thursday is the day I have established as my weigh-in day.  I only weigh once a week, the same day and time.  It will be first thing in the morning.  If you're weighing more than once a week, I've found that for most gals it is either discouraging or encouraging and can then lead to sabotage!  

Just focus on one day at a time and going to bed with a stomach that is near empty and will be ready for food in the morning.  I do not suggest skipping breakfast on a regular basis.  Our bodies rely on the "jump start".  It is best to eat small enough portions at each meal allowing time between the meals to burn the calories you've consumed.  So obviously if I had wanted to eat dinner I should have eaten less at lunch!  


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