Sunday, December 20, 2009

Blood Sugar

This question was sent to me:

It seems I am never hungry at "dinnertime". I am usually starving about 4:30 and have a snack then. The problem is, even if it is a small snack, I am still not on "E" at dinner. However, family dinner time is a big deal at this house. Suggestions?

Here is my answer:

I have a great tip for you! This is what I do when I am hungry but need to hold off...

The reason you are hungry is due to the rise and fall of your blood sugar. When it "falls"... you feel hungry. On occasion, I will then purposefully raise my blood sugar. Fruit juice (100%) works the best and the fastest! About 3-4 oz. It will hold me for about 45 min or so. It does the trick! (A small yogurt will do the same thing but with protien.) This is the only time I drink juice. Other than milk, I am not a fan of drinking my calories. I do not drink juice on a regular basis. The benefits of the actual fruit is far better!!!!!! More bang for you buck! (Fewer calories + the fiber!)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Yet Another Secret Weapon

There's just something about listening to the whistle of a tea pot on a very cold and wintry day.

Nighttime can be a hard time for most people... "Let the snacking begin!"

NO, I say!

Just remember, you don't get rid of old habits... YOU MUST REPLACE THEM!

Instead of the regular routine of Cheetos & Ice cream,

try this....


I drink Herbal Tea (no "tea" or caffeine).

Not only is it delicious but it will help you unwind AND you can drink as many cups as you would like (unsweetened, of course).

I've had a crazy sweet tooth the last 2 weeks...this does the trick - EVERY TIME!


Celestial Seasonings
Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride
Holiday Tea

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Between Friends

A dear friend gave this to me the other day...
(To enlarge the cartoon strip, click on the image; otherwise, read below.)

Between Friends
I'll go when I get my hair cut...
I'll go when I get a decent gym bag...
I'll go when I lose some weight...
I'll go when I get some new sweatpants, mine are too worn out.
I'll go when I have more energy...
I'll go when I get some more power drinks from the grocery store...

It's not that I don't WANT to go to the gym -
It's just that I can never seem to GET there.

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