Friday, August 22, 2008

Eating seconds is just that... eating for two!

For most... the weekend approaches and eating well suddenly gets hard.  

Be defensive and acknowledge the "Stop & Go Light" (as we call it in the Midwest).  These are the internal hunger/feeling full signals we were born with and then over time have faded with one-bite(s) too many.  

It's simple... just WAIT!  Be patient... and WAIT!  Hurry up and wait right!  Waiting for hunger

Don't be afraid of it. Embrace it.  Welcome it.  Be proud of it. When you experience the feeling of true hunger you know you've arrived. Arrived to the destination of burning the "calories IN versus calories OUT"!  

This is a place you MUST arrive in order to gain control over you.  I'm not talking about the kind of hunger that makes you feel like you might punch somebody but a SLIGHT HUNGER where you can sense and even feel your stomach is next to empty. Every time you experience this... your self-esteem has the opportunity to shoot right through the roof.  After doing this over a consistent period of time you will be empowered and achieve an actual high. Even so much that you become addicted (I know, strong word) to that feeling of health & feeling your body wanting to run at its optimum. 

Fueling yourself with junk will turn your engine of a body... OFF!  Junk food is no doubt addicting as well - literally!!  BUT THE GOOD NEWS, so is healthy food!!!! Have a little faith! I believe if you are craving the "junk" then you are not getting enough nutrient dense food. There is magic in vegtables!

I tell gals in my fitness classes all the time... "It does not matter how much exercise you do... You can exercise until you are blue... But if you are consuming too many calories you will gain weight... EVERYTIME!" 

When was the last time you really felt empty and hungry? 

So how many calories do you need you say?  For now just try listening to your body.  Rely on it. Wait for hunger. It can take awhile... don't be alarmed!  Could you possibly miss dinner?  Yes. Breakfast?  Yes.  Lunch?  Yes.  Be patient.

When your stomach is ready for food:  (GREEN LIGHT)
1. Eat slowly. (YELLOW LIGHT)
2. Enjoy it. 
3. STOP at a "Respectfully-full" feeling or before you are full (You get the idea!) (RED LIGHT)
4. Then wait again!!! 
5. Start the process over.

In the mean-time....!  Dig into LIFE and do what you love.  Notice the action word.... DO! Live life! Make your life about something other than food! 

What's it going to be?  You decide!

This is the basis of  "Spoonful Living - Dig in.... to LIFE!" 

Create the best life you possibly can via your passion, family & religion.... not food.  

Eat to live, not live to eat. 

Think of the time you'll spend waiting for hunger... filling up on making memories, not filling up on food. 

The time is yours!!  
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