Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Talk it Up!

I'm not one for excuses and negative self-talk.

My daughters 8th grade science teacher told them,
"Excuses are like armpits. We all have them, and they stink!"

I agree!

It comes down to what we say to ourselves in our minds.

Do we realize how truly powerful this really is?

Try saying this:
I'm going to feel amazing after my workout!
NOT I'm so tired.

Every little bit I do adds up!
NOT Skipping my walk today won't matter.

Healing takes time. I'll still do "something" everyday.
NOT I'll never recover from this injury.

Eating veggies will fuel my body with nutrients I need!
NOT I don't have time or $ to eat healthy.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Vacation Eating

I've returned home from the Sunshine State!
The Island of Sanibel hosts the infamous restaurant "Cheeseburger Cheeseburger".
If you eat a ONE POUND cheeseburger, your picture is taken & hung with the other big eaters. Even children get their picture taken if they eat a 1/2 lb burger.
Photos plastered the wall, adults and children alike!
I can only imagine how I'd feel after eating that much... BLEH!

The ambiance was fun with 50's paraphernalia everywhere and rockin' music.

I ordered half a chicken sandwich.

After the meal the server asked if we had room for yet another milkshake
(our family of 6 had already shared 2).

"No thanks, I'm good." I said.
She replied, "Well why not? You're a tiny thing, you can afford it! I'm worried you didn't get enough to eat today!!"
I laughed.

I am within my healthy weight range because I am conscious about my health & practice specific habits that make a difference. Even the seemingly small "specifics" add up!
Truth is... I can't afford it, nor can anyone else.
We stayed in a condo vs. a hotel so I could eat "my food".
I didn't want to eat out but a couple times during the week.
Kevin and I hopped on these bikes we found stashed in the condo garage and raced down the road to the local market to buy exactly what I love...
Food that PAYS YOU BACK that you can "AFFORD"!
We threw it in my basket and raced back in the dark just in time to swim a few more
laps in the pool before it closed!
(I ADORE vacations that allow me to be active and wear NO MAKE-UP & wear a CAP!)

Monday, March 8, 2010

In Memory of Cindy Severtson

Until next time Cindy...

I will miss you. Thank you for saying,
"If Heavenly Father thinks our family can endure this... then we can."
You endured well and with such grace. Thank you for the reminder. I will never forget.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

You will be SUCCESSFUL!

Be willing to accept and anticipate the bumps, set-backs, mistakes & learning curve when trying to
It's about getting up after you've "slipped" and saying,


Monday, March 1, 2010

Rising Against Pushes Us to Rise Above

"A certain amount of opposition can be of great help to (wo)man -
Kites RISE against, not with the wind" John Neal

I was reminded this last week that we all... everyone of us, has challenges in our lives we are hoping to rise above. Each person you meet is carrying an imaginary
"backpack filled with rocks", only you and I cannot see it. Those rocks can represent depression, obesity, financial struggle, guilt, relationship trials, addictions and/or many others. Where does someone even begin in lightening their load?

I believe it begins by taking charge of your health. Start there!
I give you permission to put yourself first!
Putting yourself first is not easy!

Cut up those veggies
Get yourself to the gym
Go to bed at a decent hour
Say "I love myself more than that 3rd slice of pizza!"
Listen and obey your "true hunger signals"
Speak positive affirmations to yourself

This is where you start. No matter what!

If you don't have faith in yourself then know that I have faith in you.

There is always something to learn from each person who crosses your path.
It is the "good and the not so good times" we need to appreciate. Appreciate them all. Because in the end like they say, "Its all good."
There is always room for improvement & opportunities for growth.
Take advantage of these opportunities and become who you were meant to be.

Happy March 1st, 2010 EVERYONE!
When was the last time you flew a kite?

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