Monday, April 11, 2011

Elvis Parfait Breakfast

Elvis Parfait Breakfast

1/4 c reg oats
2 T raw buckwheat groats (it adds crunch, but optional)
2 T chia seeds
1 c milk
1 banana sliced
sprinkle of cinnamon
drizzle of real maple syrup

Top with:
1 T almond butter

I am just headed to the gym to teach Funky Fusion.
But I quick made this and will forward to eating it when I get home.

It needs to sit at least 2 hours in the fridge.

Do not cook!
You can also make it the night before and let it sit overnight.

How easy is that!!!

This can very easily be a vegan recipe, (just use rice or almond milk, which sometimes I do). Although I am not vegan, this recipe was inspired by Angela Liddon, a 100% vegan.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

All these years...

A dear friend sent this little comic to me... it says,

The correct way to weigh yourself:
I can't believe I was
doing it wrong all these years.

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