Friday, March 13, 2009

A Blast from the Past & Finding Passion!

Yes, that's me in 7th Grade----

What a week!  It all started by connecting with an old friend I knew while I was in Junior High. It's been 20+ years!  Then to end the week I was asked to chaperone an 80's dance for our church group. Ever been in a time-warp?  

So I got to thinking as I looked back through old journals and scrapbooks.  Aren't memories the best!!!!!  I'm so grateful I kept a journal, took pictures & kept it all!!!  

Oh sweet memories...

The driving force behind this blog & its title is just that... building memories!  Digging into life! A couple years ago I basically wrote a book on how to lose weight and being motivated to live! During that process, I interviewed a gal who said, "Food is constantly on my mind.  The moment I wake up I think about what to eat.  The second I'm done eating breakfast all I think about is what am I going to eat for lunch... & so on."

Don't get me wrong... I enjoy food!  But when you find passion in your life you begin eating to live and not living to eat!  

I love people.  I love special moments.  I love making memories!  I love doing what I enjoy!  I love a challenge.  I love doing something that's hard to do!  I love reflecting.  I love experiencing life.  

I don't love food.

Not sure what your passion is?  Try something new.  Anything!  Just try!


....Off to join the Fox Cities Rowing Team!!!  Want to join me!

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