Tuesday, September 29, 2009

25-30% Less

I'm not sure how much fat is in my diet each day... ?
However, if you are listening to your body you will be eating up to 25-30% LESS
than what you would normally eat...
so that means 25-30% less fat, sodium, sugar, etc.

I use olive oil.
I use natural coconut butter (found in the health food section) on my toast.
I eat full fat cottage cheese & yogurt... just smaller portions.
They taste so much better!!!!
I am not a fan of the chemicals that are put into all the "lite or light" products out there.

The smaller the ingredient list/label on the package...
the better!!

For example the ice cream I buy only has just a handful of ingredients (cream, sugar, etc)...
but I don't eat it everyday.
It happens to be Breyers Natural Vanilla Bean!
The best.
I am satisfied.
When I eat it, I SIT & enjoy the smaller portion I have and then I'm done!
And then look forward to the next time I will eat it again.
Sometimes, just telling yourself that you'll eat it again is all you need to let it go for the time being.

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