Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sweet Attack!

Fill up in one of these areas of your life instead of filling up on food.

Feel like caving into the sweet cravings?

Instead of eating something sweet... DO something sweet... for YOU!


Grab someone and love on 'em! (For me: Kevin or my girlies)
Go for FIBER. (For me: honeycrisp apple)
Take your Vit D supplement (For me: any brand really)
Make yourself some unsweetened herbal tea (For me: Anything with Licorice/Anise)
Drink water & stay hydrated! (For me: Hot water w/ lemon)
Wait 15-20 minutes & distract yourself! (For me: Real Simple Magazine or Email a friend)
Light a Sweet Aroma Candle: (For me: Bath & Body Vanilla Sandalwood)
Get Out-Physically Remove Yourself! (For me: Walk my 1.5 mile route through the subdivision)
Write about it (For me: Jotting down my thoughts in my very cute pink journal)
Just Laugh (For me: Calvin & Hobbes Comic Books)
R & R (For me: Snuggle with my heated rice packs under my "Big Fuzzy" blanket)

I do these things on a regular basis!
Am I exempt from temptations? Heavens no!
I have to stay focused & remember my end goal... HEALTH!
Is it hard work at times... YES!
But this is what I do!


Bet you can't guess my favorite Sweet Weapon?

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