Thursday, March 18, 2010

Vacation Eating

I've returned home from the Sunshine State!
The Island of Sanibel hosts the infamous restaurant "Cheeseburger Cheeseburger".
If you eat a ONE POUND cheeseburger, your picture is taken & hung with the other big eaters. Even children get their picture taken if they eat a 1/2 lb burger.
Photos plastered the wall, adults and children alike!
I can only imagine how I'd feel after eating that much... BLEH!

The ambiance was fun with 50's paraphernalia everywhere and rockin' music.

I ordered half a chicken sandwich.

After the meal the server asked if we had room for yet another milkshake
(our family of 6 had already shared 2).

"No thanks, I'm good." I said.
She replied, "Well why not? You're a tiny thing, you can afford it! I'm worried you didn't get enough to eat today!!"
I laughed.

I am within my healthy weight range because I am conscious about my health & practice specific habits that make a difference. Even the seemingly small "specifics" add up!
Truth is... I can't afford it, nor can anyone else.
We stayed in a condo vs. a hotel so I could eat "my food".
I didn't want to eat out but a couple times during the week.
Kevin and I hopped on these bikes we found stashed in the condo garage and raced down the road to the local market to buy exactly what I love...
Food that PAYS YOU BACK that you can "AFFORD"!
We threw it in my basket and raced back in the dark just in time to swim a few more
laps in the pool before it closed!
(I ADORE vacations that allow me to be active and wear NO MAKE-UP & wear a CAP!)

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