Friday, April 2, 2010

Its TIME to Take Charge of Your Health!

I like to consider myself the 'pre-cursor' before the "wake-up call".
If you continue down the unhealthy path you are on,
the wake-up call will most definitely come.
It may be in the form of Type II Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stroke or other undesirable conditions.

I have the privilege of watching those who are ready to take ownership of their health as they have not only lost weight but have developed a spring in their step
& continual smile on their face!
But I have to say the greatest joy for me is when they tell me their doctor has removed certain medications because of their new healthy lifestyle.

Studies show that even 10 lbs lost can reduce the risk of many illnesses.

Today is the day to begin the process of preventing your own personal wake up call!

It is never too late.

Eat Right! Live Life! Be Happy! Be Healthy!
This is not only your right... but your responsibility!

I am here for you.

Available classes include:

· Personal Menu Coaching

· Food Intake Analysis

· Lifestyle Evaluation & Goal Setting

· Referral Incentives

· Immediate Openings

· Group Discounts

· One on one Email Support

· Confidential Weekly Weigh-Ins

· Quality Information with Weekly Homework

· Researched Solutions

· No “diet shakes or pills”

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