Monday, September 8, 2008

Removing the Temptation

Buy only healthy food at the grocery store.  If you buy a bag of Doritos's, they will be eaten.  You don't want the temptation constantly beating at you with unhealthy food in the house.  Replace it with other items.  Some of my favorites are raw almonds, dark chocolate & soy crisps.  Then decide what is reasonable for the day.  For me it can be 10 almonds, 1 small square of the chocolate and 1 serving of crisps (sometimes less).  And then of course having lots of fruits and veggies on hand.  Have you tried veggies with hummus dip?

Every time I have a "munchie" craving I try to grab a "whole food".  You can't believe how over a period of time those cravings decrease considerably!  It truly is amazing to me!

Off to the grocery store!  (Honey Crisp Apple Season is just around the corner!!!  There is nothing like eating fruit that is in season.)

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