Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Specifics from my point of view.

OK... Let me think. So specifically.  Here it is. Yes, I do specific things to stay healthy & keep my weight down. 

-I rarely snack.
-I eat breakfast.
-I usually leave food on my plate at the end of each meal.
-I do not drink soda.  (Maybe 1 a month.)
-Nothing is "off limits" like sugar.  
-I have trained my body to NOT like the over-full feeling.
-If I eat more than what I normally do... I compensate & wait until I am on "empty" again.
-I found an exercise I love! 
-I understand that if there's too much food going in, it won't matter how much exercise I do.  It just won't.
-I exercise first for mental benefits... then physical.  
-I listen to my body.  If I feel like emotionally eating, I do my best to recognize it & work through it.  Emotional eating is normal for most women.  Acknowledge it for what it is & pick up something besides a fork. A distraction I call it.
-I like to stay busy.
-I am highly motivated by music.  I keep my iPod handy. It's a great "pick me up"!
-I chew gum!  Love the minty stuff!

I'll keep thinking.  

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