Sunday, May 24, 2009

Nothing tastes as good as being fit feels!

You know those crazy family moments when you wonder... "How in the world did this get started?" Well, we had one of those. 

Like last Sunday for example, when one of the girls grabbed the stopwatch & next thing I knew we were taking turns racing around the outside of the house timing one another trying to "PR" (track term for breaking your own "personal record"). I made it in 31 seconds flat. I will not mention any other records, except a certain someone did it in half my time...(huh humm KEVIN!)

Here 2 days ago I walked into the kitchen to find Kevin levitating the girls on his back, their legs extended, their bodies flat as a board. Mmmmmm. I nodded my head and assessed.

"Mom! YOU DO IT! Come on it's your turn!"

Okaaaaayyy! "So what? You just hook your arms around like this & now lift... lift.... LIFT YOUR LEGS! LIFT I SAY!" 

"You can do it MOM! Here we'll help you!"

"No no. I've got this. I just have to quit laughing! Give me a sec."

Ta-dah! Be amazed! The veins in my neck popped out, all muscles contracted & the abs pulled through! Hence... the levitating began!

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