Thursday, May 13, 2010

Take Care... of YOU

When my 4 girls were smaller...
I was overwhelmed with my responsibilities,
a hubby who travelled extensively,
and living a thousand miles from extended family (literally).
It did not help my homesickness, along with the weight I felt on my shoulders.

I was struggling one day and the phone rang.

It was my dad.

"I felt like I needed to check in on you. You Ok?"

The flood-gates opened. I was a mess.
I cried
and I cried
and then I cried some more.

He taught me a lesson that day.
One I will never forget and continue to refer to often in my life.

My dad's a smart man.
He said, "There are two things that CURE all the 'crummy' that life has to offer."

It's simple really.

You have your choice:
1. A hot bath
2. A nap

And if it's really "bad" then do both.

He then explained that if the hot bath or nap did not cure my life's struggles...
It was out of my hands.

And to turn it let it be.
To learn.
To overcome.
To pray.
To heal.

And if needs be... take another hot bath or nap.
And... to Take Care.

Our bodies are very smart. Listen to them.
When they are exhausted... sleep.
When they are honestly hungry... eat.

So many times these two signals get crossed
and it becomes difficult to separate them.

Our bodies are talking to us CONSTANTLY!

Are you at an "honest hunger" or are you just tired?!

When feelings of anxiety, loneliness and/or sadness creep in,
the pull of the
pantry or refrigerator can become magnetic!

Call your "head hunger's" bluff!
Recognize it for what it is.

Hit the "pause" button.
Step back.

Be willing to work through the "bitter" so you can ultimately nail your sweet prize,
that of living a healthy life with
too many blessings to name.

I've never claimed living a healthy lifestyle as easy.
It's hard work.

But isn't anything of real worth, privy and subjected to that of hard work?

My lifestyle is easier at times than at others and a lot of what I do now is
automated because I created it that way.
All due to working at it... everyday.

When you Take Care of YOU,
your body will pay you back.

Thanks Dad.
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