Monday, May 17, 2010

Whatcha gonna do about it?

Down to the wire
I wanted water but
But I'll walk through the fire
If this is what it takes
To take me even higher
Then I'll come through
Like I do
When the world keeps
Testing me, testing me,testing me
"Vultures" by John Mayer

While teaching class today, I had every participant write down 2 short-term goals (to be accomplished this week) and 2 long-term goals (to be accomplished by the end of the summer).

Not only did they write them down but I had them explain how they were going to go about it.

A couple months ago, I started writing a book.
A workbook and guide for living and achieving a healthy lifestyle every single day.
I know this is what I need to do.
I can feel it.
I know it.



It is all encompassing and consuming.
However, my dad recently gave me more sound council.
He said,
"Stacy, why don't you just enjoy the process & the journey of it."
(He said it as a statement, not a question.)

But... I thought of it as a question...
"Well, why don't I?"

Well.... because it's stressful!
It's hard work!
My brain is on overload & won't stop sending me a gazillion thoughts per second!
I can only type so fast!
I want to go outside and play.

No matter the goal. The means to an end is a big deal!
We're always being tested, tried, stretched and encouraged to do better...

The only way to hit the bulls-eye is to zero in.
Do it over and over.
Even when it's hard.
Walk through the fire.

Now... whatcha gonna do about it?

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