Sunday, June 7, 2009

A New Day

Journal Entry from July 2007

Some days we are very motivated to accomplish our goals and other days we are not. Life would be wonderful if we always felt motivated on a daily basis to accomplish our dreams and our goals... but there will be days when we feel frustrated and defeated.


There will be days when you don't feel like following your eating/exercising plan. So how do motivated people stay motivated?

Their emotions don't rule them! Successful people stay motivated because they do a little each day to accomplish their goal despite how they feel. There is no magic solution for increasing motivation. You just accomplish a little each day, even on days when you don't feel good or motivated. Like the old Nike saying goes "Just Do it"! You know I am a Nike girl... always have been!

So you blew it... gained what you lost, didn't workout all week (or longer), overate, etc. If so, then wait for hunger before you eat next, workout TODAY, & for overeating, well your job is to remember how crappy you felt after doing so. It physically hurts... within seconds your stomach literally HURTS! YUCK! You don't want that.

It's a new day! The darkness will flee.


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