Thursday, June 4, 2009

Watch you like a hawk.

My mother always use to tell me as I would walk out the front door... 

"Remember who you are!  You never know who might be watching."

Likewise, our own children watch everything we do as parents.  
Don't they? EVERYTHING!
I use to watch my parents. For example my mother would do her hair & make-up every single day. 
Sometimes towards the end of the day, I'd find her freshening her lipstick. 

I'd ask, "Where ya goin'?" 
Her reply with a smile would be, "Nowhere. Your dad is on his way home from work."

I find myself following in her footsteps & my girls asking me the same question.

"A good example is the best sermon." ~Ben Franklin
A month ago I was in Idaho with my parents. I loved having them both all to myself! 

For the first day or so my dad got out his fancy pants camera & took some shots of me. It was so fun! He loves photography & is quite good at it I might add. The photo above my mother labeled 'LadyHawk'. Look closely. My artsy parents are truly the best. I'm so grateful for their examples.

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