Sunday, December 20, 2009

Blood Sugar

This question was sent to me:

It seems I am never hungry at "dinnertime". I am usually starving about 4:30 and have a snack then. The problem is, even if it is a small snack, I am still not on "E" at dinner. However, family dinner time is a big deal at this house. Suggestions?

Here is my answer:

I have a great tip for you! This is what I do when I am hungry but need to hold off...

The reason you are hungry is due to the rise and fall of your blood sugar. When it "falls"... you feel hungry. On occasion, I will then purposefully raise my blood sugar. Fruit juice (100%) works the best and the fastest! About 3-4 oz. It will hold me for about 45 min or so. It does the trick! (A small yogurt will do the same thing but with protien.) This is the only time I drink juice. Other than milk, I am not a fan of drinking my calories. I do not drink juice on a regular basis. The benefits of the actual fruit is far better!!!!!! More bang for you buck! (Fewer calories + the fiber!)
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