Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's Ok To Slow Down

On May 29, 2010, in celebration of my 19th Wedding Anniversary, Kevin surprised me with a weekend in Sparta, WI., the biking capital of the U.S.
And with the weekend came a new bike!
I was ecstatic!
We biked 35 miles on Friday night...

And 35 miles back the next morning.
We loved it!

However, almost two weeks ago, I jumped on my bike to pick up my two little girls from summer school so we could ride home together. With a small decline increasing my speed, I was riding fast. I came to a major road... got distracted, clamped down on my very sensitive new brake, locking my front tire, catapulting me to the pavement in front of me.
My body went into shock...(that's never happened before) and several strangers ran to help me.
It was all I could do to keep from passing out or losing my cookies,
ok not cookies but breakfast.
I was in some serious pain!!!!
Not good.

I could go on and on with what the last couple of weeks has entailed for me but overall I am grateful.
What!? Grateful!

Amidst my 'here and there' bruising, my hands took the brunt of it.
Oh my poor hands.
(If you'll notice those cute biking gloves in the pictures above, which I've had since age 16... I did not have them on that day. But if only......... they would have saved my paws.
However, I did have my helmet on... thank goodness.)

This time a couple years ago a dear friend from High School Chris Kendrick, sent me his wife Courtney's blog.
There I came across her sister Stephanie's blog.
A short time later, Stephanie and her husband Christian were in a near fatal airplane crash where my friend Chris & his wife took in their children while they endured months of healing in the hospital.
I followed both the Kendrick's story as they became instant parents to their nieces and nephews and the Nielson's inspiring recovery.

You can see a video snippet of their inspiring story by clicking here

or visit

Stephanie's Blog by clicking here

I have thought a lot about Stephanie these last several days and not being able to take care of my family or do the things I love.

My life has taken a slight detour.
I've had to slow way down.
It's allowed me to step back and take a look inside.

I'm happiest when I'm at home serving and caring for my family and friends.
I feel 'crazy' when I get 'running' faster (or in my case cycling) in life than I know I should.
Doing too much...
Getting ahead of myself...
Feeling stressed...

I'm grateful I've been able to step back and give myself permission to
Slow down...
Say "no"...
Go to bed early...

All of which are part of being well and living a healthy life.
I don't ever want to take my health for granted.
I want to be grateful and I understand what that means.

p.s. Thank you so much for your phone calls and emails.
I feel loved.

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