Friday, June 25, 2010

Real Life Insight Will Inspire You

With permission I am sharing a message I received from a reader who had an 'ah-ha'!
I think you'll be inspired to take a 'lookey loo' at what you're eating.
And let me say, this reader really rocks and thank you for allowing me to share!

Stacy, I just wanted to drop you a little not about something you have on your blog....
about the little steps....not the one giant step......

Sooooo, for a long time now, I have not been able to figure out why I can't lose weight.....driving me nuts (as you already know). :0) However, I recently decided to take some pretty drastic measures and REALLY look at what is hitting my plate and what is going into my mouth via "little bites" here and there. The moral of the story is, it has been all the "little" things here and there that have helped keep the weight in place.....bites of kids' food; cream in coffee; handful of this or that get the idea. It was not the one "giant" step of eating a whole pizza and endless cheeseburgers and fries. I just don't eat like that.
I have to say I am floored at how all of that adds is CRAZY. Good news however, since my little lookey-loo at my diet....I have dropped 7 pounds. YAY!! I am finally making headway and am on track to keep going!!!
Little Steps!!!!!!!

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