Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th!

Q: How do you stay healthy and still

celebrate with all the 'party food'?

A: Well, the Fourth of July holiday is upon us and with that comes Family, Fun and FOOD! This doesn't have to be a time to throw your healthy eating to the curb. Be strong and tackle each day’s temptations as they come. Yesterday was the perfect example for me.

My husband’s birthday is July 6th so we always have his family over for a cookout and fireworks. While I was planning the food menu, I made sure that I offered healthy options for myself and my family. Besides the traditional Wisconsin Brats & Burgers, I had chicken breasts. I made my own potato salad instead of buying it from a deli so that I could control the ingredients that went into it. I made sure I had A LOT of baby carrots (without dip) very close to me so I could pop those in my mouth for a crunchy snack versus the chips and taco dip that my sister-in-law brought. Yes, for a moment, my taste buds wanted to have the taco dip, but the feeling I got after saying NO to the dip and YES to the carrots was WONDERFUL!

I am stronger than that and so are you!

Since it was my husband’s birthday, his Mom made one of her famous tortes – Oreo Torte! I was serving the torte to our guests, but I never gave one to myself – I didn’t want one – and no one even noticed! I realize that I don’t need to eat the birthday cake to enjoy the birthday. It is more about the people at the party, being together and creating memories .

I am not perfect. I do give into temptation now and again. But, then I compensate for it the next day. For example, I go for an extra bike ride, I eat smaller portions for meals, I eat more veggies! My Body Talk tells me its had enough junk and it needs the healthy options again.

I have learned to crave healthy food!

“Compensation not Justification”

It’s a great feeling to feel “IN CHARGE “ when you pass up the sugar and junk!

LIFE IS GOOD! Reward your healthy body with healthy foods and ENJOY LIFE!

Happy Summer,

Nikki Kennedy

You can read more about her by

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Thanks Nikki! Hugs to you!

You're a great example for so many!

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